Learn How to Spread God's Glory Through a Thriving VA Business

Have an Advantage in Your VA Business Aligning with Kingdom

Provide peace of mind and confidence to your potential clients

Make a
Meaningful Impact
in the

Why Kingdom Virtual Assistant School?

Gain a Kingdom Advantage

There are lots of books and trainings out there on how to become a virtual assistant, the one important piece missing is how to incorporate kingdom principles into a virtual assistant practice, how to partner with God and surrender this business to him and how to best serve the clients He brings to glorify Him.

Give Clients Peace of Mind

When you attend Kingdom Virtual Assistant School, you will provide peace of mind and confidence to your potential clients by knowing you took your business seriously by investing in this work God has called you to do. By tuning in to the Holy Spirit, you help your clients to grow in Kingdom influence, impact, and profitability.

Make a Greater Impact

Learn how to take your gifts and skills and make an impact in the world and have a sense of purpose.  You’ll also be a part in transforming the virtual assistant industry to begin to partner and operate with the power of the Holy Spirit and to have a greater ripple effect by supporting your client’s businesses with Kingdom principles.

Who Should Become a Kingdom Virtual Assistant?

You Feel Called to Entrepreneurship

You feel called to own your own business and wonder how you can combine entrepreneurship with Godly principles. You wonder what it takes to start and run a business. You desire to make a greater impact with your skills and gifts. When you understand the shift from operating by how the world does business and instead operate in your gifting and in partnership with God, you will launch a solid business.

You Have a Current VA Practice

Maybe you already consider yourself a virtual assistant and you would like to begin to operate your practice rooted in Kingdom principles and watch God shift your business. When you shift from operating by how the world does business and instead operate in your gifting and in partnership with God, your business will completely shift from operating in grind to by God's grace.

You Possess the Gift of Administration

You have the ability to break down projects into bite sized pieces. You love solving problems and finding unconventional solutions. You have so many skills and find that you haven’t been able to utilize them in jobs you’ve had, leaving you frustrated and bored. You've been told that you are good at organizing and planning. Becoming a virtual assistant will utilize all these skills and passions.

What You'll Receive:

  • 16 weekly live training calls
  • Access to student only portal
  • Private student community to connect with other peers
  • Action assignments to put in to practice what you learn
  • Instructor review & feedback of assignments
  • Smaller peer group learning & connection

Course Outline

This is a 16 week program with a final exam at the end of the 16 weeks.

Section 1: Business Foundation

Week 1: Virtual Assistants - Who they are and who they’re not

Week 2: Gift of Administration Explored

Week 3: Foundation on Kingdom Principles

Week 4: Basic Business Entity Structure

Week 5: Setting Boundaries in Your Practice

Week 6: Niche vs. Skills

Section 2: Client Engagement

Week 7: Client Communication (Spoken and Unspoken)

Week 8: Client Confrontation

Week 9: Proactive Approach vs. Reactive Approach

Week 10: Niche and Skills Applied

Section 3: Kingdom Marketing & Client Acquisition

Week 11: God as Your Resource Not Your Clients

Week 12: Building Your Business with Grace NOT Grind

Week 13: Setting Your Pricing

Week 14: Key to Building a Long-lasting Business

Week 15: Your Online Presence & Spreading the Word

Week 16: There is No Competition

Dates & Next Steps


School begins October 5th and runs 16 weeks. We will have off the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. The program ends February 8th. Training calls will be held on Thursdays. Time TBD.


One time payment of $995 (more than a 50% discount for this initial beta group)


6 monthly payments of $195/each


To be considered for the school, there is an application process. Once you complete the online application, it is reviewed and you will be contacted to schedule your interview. Application deadline is Monday, September 14th.

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Angee Robertson and for years I felt stifled in every job that I had. I was limited in using the gifts God had placed in me.

Through several divine encounters, I learned about the virtual assistant industry. I found a training program and enrolled. One of the most invaluable benefits I received when I took my training all those years ago was a live mentor to answer my specific questions and I had a group of peers going on this journey with me. Those peers became life long friends. 

Now 18 years later, I still have a full running, virtual assistant practice. It took over a decade before I understood God was utilizing this industry of virtual assistants to use my gift of administration. Every characteristic of this gift was brought to the relationship with my clients. I want to share my insight, experiences, mistakes and point you to our Heavenly Father who can give you the unique design for your virtual assistant business.

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